Patrick on bridge_nAbout Patrick by My Side

Everyone faces challenges in their life and career. You don’t have to go it alone. Most people need support in one of the following ways:

  • Executive Coaching if you are a founder, CEO or emerging executive leader.
  • Mentoring if you are a young professional or building an independent business.
  • Consulting if you are designing or updating a program.
  • Inspiring keynotes or engaging educational experiences if you are sponsoring a program, workshop, retreat or conference.

Work With Established Leaders

Patrick works with self aware and successful individuals who are creating long-term and sustainable solutions into their next season of their work and life. This work is often born out of the natural rough patches that all leaders pass through when:

  • Exploring career options into the next season of life.
  • Engaging others in a bold vision.
  • Designing educational programs to engage the next generation of leaders.
  • Holding difficult conversations conversations with board members, funding sources, stakeholders and others.
  • Taking success to the next level across a complex organization or to a regional, national or global arena.

Coaching since 1994, this practice has evolved from working for a few institutions to working for individuals designing cutting-edge approaches for their own career and for the development  others who are committed human-centered approaches to work and life in the 21st century.

Work With Emerging Leaders

Patrick also has a big heart for mentoring, guiding and coaching young professionals who are starting to apply their education in the real world and independent business professionals. Representing many generations, each client receives a tailored program that keeps Patrick’s expertise close and personal.

chapel portrait cutWork With Groups

Patrick also serves small and large groups as a keynote presenter, workshop facilitator and guest instructor for professional development programs, colleges and continuing education events. These inspiring and nurturing experiences keep the mind sharp and heart balanced by encouraging cutting-edge evidenced-based solutions.  In the 21st century leaders are called to master the skills of managing complexity while holding conversations that are bold, balanced and effective.


The timeline below summarizes the expertise that Patrick has accumulated over thirty years working with individuals and teams. A Masters in Adult Education and rigorous continuous learning in leadership, mediation, communication, management and various human potential approaches has led to him achieving the standard of a Professionally Certified Coach by the International Coaching Federation.  This has been supplemented by real-life education in a variety of settings: large health systems, small independent businesses, career schools, non-profits, holistic healing centers, hospices, retreat centers, massage schools, yoga centers, cancer support centers, professional organizations, spiritual communities and now in the arena where you are inviting him to support your leadership practice.

All of this expertise is now offered by your side.



  • Volunteer Roles as Board Member, Speaker and Conference Planner for youth leadership programs1982-1985
  • Spirit of Detroit Award recipient after leading volunteers to create a youth programs while completing college education at the University of Detroit/Mercy 1985-1989
  • Community Organizer and manage full-time volunteers in rural Appalachia, Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, Kansas City, Milwaukee, Minneapolis and St. Louis 1989-1992
  • Begin career in Health Care begins by supporting life transitions patients and employees of hospitals and hospices 1992-1994
  • Begin work with first career coaching clients while continuing work in both traditional and health care arenas 1994
  • First referral to work with a phone client from New York 1995
  • Begin teaching business and career development skills with independent professionals 1994-1999
  • Explore the integration between traditional and alternative health care while designing career development programs for a college of healing arts1995-2000
  • Earned a Masters Degree in Adult Education and begin speaking to local, regional and national  health care conferences and groups2001
  • Support life transitions of behavioral health patients while also serving as an internal coach and consultant to health care leaders and teams implementing patient-centered approaches 2000-2004
  • Achieve level of Professionally Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation2006
  • Direct Spiritual Care and Mission Integration Programs across a large health system while coaching leaders of large and small non-profit agencies2004-2008
  • Focus full-time on coaching and consulting practice 2008
  • Begin teaching and coaching college students on their career goals 2009
  • Begin mentoring other coaches and independent business professionals 2010
  • Begin writing and offering more customized workshops2012
  • First man honored with the Sophia of Wisdom Award by the Sisters of Mercy2013
  • Present at National Leadership Forum in Washington DC 2014
  • Launch “Patrick by my Side” Website with a focus on private individuals 2015