Have You Found Your Place of Joy?

 Four Leaders Who Have Found Their Place of Joy

Find a place inside where there’s joy.—Joseph Campbell

Aren’t we all looking to do work in the world that brings forth our greatest joy?  Here are stories of four different individuals serving in roles such as CEO, a marketing consultant, an independent business owner and an emerging non-profit leader. What do they all have in common: They have taken bold action on what brings forth their greatest joy.

Claudia has stepped into her own authentic way of being CEO and President of an organization that has played a role in her life for thirty years. As the first beneficiary of an innovative program that transforms unused business equipment into college scholarships, she jokes that she is the other visionary leader from Argentina (referring to how Pope Francis hails from her home country). Today Claudia boldly shares her organization’s story to potential partners in both local and national forums:

“At Educational Assistance Ltd…we transform yesterday’s merchandise into tomorrow’s bright minds.”

John had a mentor refer him to coaching when he took became interim executive director for a non-profit agency with a mission close to his heart. As an emerging leader, he clarified his priorities and came to balance his strong business instincts with effective relationship skills. Today he is pursuing advanced studies after being awarded a National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship.

Flame was a stay-at-home mom who re-entered the work force. Over three years of a disciplined mentoring and coaching process, she grew a business that now earns her over $100,000 a year. Today she is both a loving mom and a well-respected professional. You may see all the ways her flame shines at: www.CoachFlame.com

Christa worked hard to earn over three million a year in revenue for a company where she was employed. After earning her MBA in International Business and pursuing a Master’s in Sustainability from Harvard, she asked, “now what?” She has transformed the anxious search for new leadership opportunities into a dynamic experience of establishing new partnerships on the global stage. As a  successful marketing and sustainability leader in London, she is having fun with her work life again. She has described her tailored coaching process, “You listened to my story and picked from an arsenal of tools. It’s been a very personalized and specific process.”

While these stories point to possibilities that emerge in coaching, your heroic journey to greater JOY is uniquely your own. Whether you are  an emerging leader, a bold executive or pioneering the path of an independent business, your focus is often on serving others. Who serves you? You may now receive the gift of a free strategy session that is just for you by visiting a new website: www.PatrickByMySide.com

By Your Side,

Patrick Davis, MA, PCC

4 Scary Situations Faced By Leaders

Frankenstein Drac Were

Drawing Inspiration from Dracula, Frankenstein, Buffy and the Werewolf

As Halloween comes and goes, have you watched a scary movie yet? What is it in our psyche that has FUN with being scared? Here are 4 scary situations faced by leaders and the inspiration they might draw from Dracula, Frankenstein, Buffy and the Werewolf.

#1. Turning the search for a new job from an anxious process to one of possibility and hope?

Even experts like Dracula with years of experience need to find ways to network and be invited over the threshold of someone’s home when they are new to town.

#2. Is your Board of Directors or boss not aligned with your hopes and aspirations for the future?

Didn’t Dr. Frankenstein have to find a way to protect his visionary project from the wrath of the townspeople who were terrified of his unconventional innovation?

#3. Are you going from being the project manager type who produced bottom-line results to finding a management or executive role?

Didn’t Buffy the Vampire Slayer have to make friends and form allies as she moved into a new school? Didn’t she find ways to balance her every day life as a high school student with sharing and refining her super powers?

#4. Facing a personal challenge such as a divorce, health crisis or general life angst while needing to produce more and more?

Doesn’t the werewolf need to manage when and where he stays in human form and when it is safe to fall apart and express his inner beast?

Halloween All Year Around

There may be a reason we find ways to play around with different roles when the season of nature turns dark and cold. Might our inner suffering point to an opportunity to express something new?

What if you had FUN turning your own career angst into an opportunity to play dress up and try on different roles in the world? Even if you are not going to change your external costume in the world, might the world be served by a version of you that is even more bold, balanced and effective?

If you have any desire to explore your imagination around your work, I’d love to hear from you.

Halloween may have passed but there is always time to play with possibilities!

by your side when things get scary,


Patrick Davis, MA, PCC


4 Fall House-Cleaning Questions for Work & Life

Fall is here again

Isn’t there something about the season of autumn air that reminds the senses and the brain that it’s time for a shift?  A shift in perspective, work or life?

Perhaps it’s the changing colors of the leaves, the scent of them, the dry crunch of them underfoot. Maybe it’s the comfortable feel of that favorite turtleneck or sweater lying against the skin. Or the roast in the crockpot, filling the house with an invitation to dinner. The chill in the air invites you to pull on your favorite warm sweater. You’ve made the first pot of chili. You’ve begun the ritual of watching football.  It’s officially fall. It’s also time when nature invites a bold conversation with yourself about work and life.

One soul-satisfying seasonal ritual is conducting a fall house cleaning. Whether it’s ridding a closet of musty, unworn clothes or re-organizing a kitchen pantry, changing the physical space in our homes can reflect something shifting inside us as well.

The following house-cleaning questions are all themes for work and life:

#1. Do I keep this or throw it away?

This applies not just to physical stuff but also to our emotions and the habits of how we relate to others and how we see ourselves.

#2. Do I simply re-use what ‘s already working or buy new?

Sometimes it’s not clear to us what’s working and what’s not working. It can be invaluable to receive candid feedback from someone observing our process and the systems in which we play and work.

#3. Do I stay in my current home or move?

We all need a basic framework and location to ground our leadership practice and career. In the modern world our roles constantly evolve and we step into new roles at a higher rate than any time in history. For most, gone are the days when we work in the same business or on the same soil as our parents and grandparents. The modern career calls for finding our own mentors and for discerning when and how we need to try something new.

#4. How do I balance change and stability?

Finally, as the wind tugs at fragile leaves in the trees nature reminds us that we live between a balancing act of stability and change. How we balance it all is the life-long art of choosing well. How we balance time for work and time for reflection is the art of life.

Whether fall has brought you a gradual shift in perspective or a sudden change, there are tools to see more clearly what is yours to do in this season of life.  Much like raking the yard, it’s a matter of picking the tools up and getting started….One Conversation At a Time.

By your side as you do your own fall cleaning,

Patrick Davis, MA, PCC

“As the wind tugs at fragile leaves in the trees nature reminds us that we live between a balancing act of stability and change.”