The Process

Tailored Coaching for Executives and Professionals

“You listened to my story and picked from an arsenal of tools. It’s been a very personalized and specific process.” — Chris Gyori, MBA, Marketing and Sustainability Leader in London, UK

Getting Started

During your 45-minute free strategy session we clarify the outcomes you are seeking. In a follow-up session we focus on a customized agenda of sessions for supporting your unique goals and challenges. Once we have a written contract you can confirm how your tailored program (lasting from six to eighteen months) may be shaped around your life.

Close and Personal

These strategic sessions are supplemented by you having access to your coach via e-mail, Skype, phone or text. Based on your temperament and communication style, you choose a path of support and accountability that works best for you to track progress toward your goals.

Work With Groups

Your customized package may include customized retreats, presentations or quarterly consultations that enhance your leadership framework. Working with groups may also be a stand-alone service. There are two options for working with leaders who are looking to sustain their high performing teams:

Referrals and An Optional Team of Experts By Your Side

For seasons of intense change there is also access to a few programs where you have full access to your coach in addition to 10 other coaches and disciplines associated with this practice. For example, a client may work with a Language Coach and Presentation Coach if they have any challenges with making a strong first impression in a new role within a new culture.

The Nine-Steps To Sustaining High Performance

Like planning for your next big trip, the coaching journey we’ll create together will be uniquely your own. It takes place inside a disciplined framework, refined by over 20 years of coaching visionary leaders like you toward their personal and professional goals. This effective, nine-step process happens in three phases. Each phase represents a maturing and deepening of the coaching conversation.

Together, we’ll reach your destination by…

  • Grounding Your Performance Goals (Steps 1-3)
  • Strengthening Your Performance (Steps 4-6)
  • Sustaining Performance (Steps 7-9)

Grounding Your Performance Goals (Steps 1-3)

FourFeetWant to play with a free conversation on the phone? Have you been coached before? Or, is this your first experience with a professional coach? What are the outcomes you are exploring for the coming year?

These steps are all free. It all begins with an initial 45-minute strategy session to explore if this approach is for you. At this phase a professional connection is made and in some cases referrals and resources are shared.

Step 1: You complete a free 45-Minute Strategy Session to clarify the Outcomes you are seeking.

Step 2: You complete a second free Strategy Session to draft an Agenda of your customized program.

Step 3: Once you establish a contract with your coach you may schedule your first coaching session and begin receiving tools that address your specific goals and agenda for the year.  A foundation conversation with a coach by your side.

Strengthening Your Performance (Steps 4-6)

meditationHere we make a clear connection with your values, vision and goals. Is your focus career performance? Is your focus personal? Or, is it a little of both?

These steps focus on your actions between each session producing results: At this level of the conversation you focus on what actions you take between each coaching session. It is in the course of your daily efforts where outcomes are produced. At this level of the conversation you stay connected with your coach to track progress in supportive ways.

Step 4: You may briefly check-in between each session to mark your progress toward goals in a way that is best for you.

Step 5: As needed you may adjust outcomes and goals to align with changes in your life and leadership practice. Life is full of surprises. Here we also begin applying tools to more difficult and challenging situations.

Step 6: You polish your ability to stay grounded and centered during times of change. If included in your contract, we also create a customized retreat to enhance your program of action with skills for deeper contemplation.

Note: A retreat may be as simple as a focusing on a longer two-hour strategy session over the phone or as in-depth as you taking a full day or more to meet in person, on the phone or via Skype. This may be done annually, semiannually or quarterly. If you are on sabbatical, retired or in-between work you may receive guidance during longer retreats that are designed to revitalize your spirit.

Sustaining Performance: Achieving Balance and Mastery (Steps 7-9)

stretch-squareHow will you find the freedom to act on what is yours to do into the next season of life? As life plays with you how are you going to play back? Are you going to follow your own Joy? Are you going to master observing your fears and letting go of what is no longer yours to do?

Toward the midpoint and again by the end of your program, the conversation is focused on long-term gains for your life and leadership practice:

Step 7: At the midpoint of your contract you evaluate the lessons you’ve learned and the skills that are having the highest impact on your leadership practice.

Step 8: At the end of your contract you consider options for continued growth:

  • Renewing current contract for another year.
  • Increasing services if your needs call for it.
  • Adjusting to a maintenance level of coaching of four to six times a year.
  • Making referrals as needed to other coaches and programs.

Step 9: You find ways to acknowledge, share and celebrate the outcomes achieved with the world.

If you see yourself benefiting from an intentional process you may get the conversation started with a free strategy session: Take the First Step